All the convenience and performance of a batten with prismatic controller, but in a single pack. Featuring the unique cover plate reflector that integrates with prismatic controller to provide a clean appearance with no gaps to allow debris and insects to enter.


Sleek T5 (Noiseless Operation, Reduction in Power Consumption, Flicker-Free Illumination) T5 battens – a new generation of linear battens offering high performance T5 fluorescent lamp operation at High Frequency.

Weather Resistant

GCR is a range of weather resistant fittings especially suitable for installations in adverse environment where dirt, dust and moisture prevailed. These rugged and handsomely design fittings provide efficient and functional illumination even in harsh, humid and dusty conditions. This is further enhanced by the smooth outer surface of the fitting, which facilitates easy cleaning and inhibits the built-up of dust.

Wire Guard

Wire Guard T5 is designed with rugged wire mesh to address the problem of vandalism and breakage and thus ensuring general illumination for everyone’s safety and convenience.